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It is said that the sun never sets in Varna

Varna has become known for its all night parties that take over the city's beaches during the summer months. There is a sense of optimism and excitement that fills the air in Varna and you can be part of it

From ancient cultures to tomorrow's parties

The nightclubs in Varna are scattered along the beach promenade and are famous for their variety of music including hip-hop, rock and world music. The clubs are known for thehigh quality atmosphere with places such as Ultra where they have 35 sorts of whiskey on offer or The Zone that is located below the famous Varna Sea Garden. Spend the night mingling with a mixed crowd from locals to tourists from all over the world.

Make your away along the seaside promenade to find the perfect place to eat. Bookings are not essential here, as the laid back lifestyle makes its way through almost all parts of life in Varna. Simply find a place that looks tasty and grab a seat to enjoy a very affordable beachside meal.

During the day, Varna has plenty of shops to check out with more being added each year. With the popularity of the city growing, many fashion boutiques have opened throughout the town. If you want all of your shops together, check out the recently opened Grand Mall, which is the newest and biggest mall in Varna.

Although many people are looking forward to all of tomorrow’s parties, for some, holidays in Varna give a chance to look backwards in time at the history of this important area. For those interested in the past, spend a day at the Varna Archaeological Museum which hosts an exhibition featuring the old European Varna cultures – a collection of golden artifacts, which is often considered the world’s oldest large find of gold artifacts. The museum also points you to the various ancient ruins scattered around the town, including the ancient Roman Odessus remains and the various churches that have stood the test of time.

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If a vibrant culture for an affordable price is top on your list for a holiday destination, then Varna is the city to visit. The land has evidence of ancient cultures and today hosts one of the favorite new summer party destinations. Enjoy sipping drinks on the beach and dancing the night away next to the black sea. Book now at to get your party started on holiday in Varna! For other resorts in Bulgaria, click here.