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Any time is a great time for a holiday to Nesebar!

Often referred to as ‘pearl of the black sea’ Nessebar is a cultural hotspot hosting a rich history spanning more than three millennia. If you are a first time visitor to Bulgaria then this place is a must visit. Holidays to Nessebar are perfect for those of you looking to explore Bulgaria’s cultural identity in a beautiful location, at any time of year!

Discovering a Nessebar holiday for you

Situated just off the mainland of Bulgaria, Nessebar is a small rocky island connected by a slender man-made isthmus. Upon entering you are greeted by the new town, which hosts a great starting point for your visit; the Archaeological Museum. The museum is open every day and allows you to discover remnants and evidence of Nessebar’s classical past. Included are intriguing artefacts such as a small sculpture of Hecate, goddess of witches and fertility as well as an eighteenth-centenary bishop’s throne.

As you walk deeper in to Nessebar you will find yourself in the old town, this is the reason why holidays to Nessebar are so worthwhile. Narrow cobble streets and some magnificent nineteenth-centenary wooden architecture surround you as well as a distinct collection of medieval churches. Your holiday to Nessebar won’t be complete without taking a moment to appreciate the dominating ruins of the Metropolitan church, also previously known to locals as St Sophia. There are many other medieval churches, most of which are now ruins. St Stefan Church and the St John Aliturgetos Church are two other popular sights due to their beauty, and in fact sometimes summer concerts are held at St John Aliturgetos.

There are of course many places to eat around Nessebar, especially along the harbour and sea facing terraces where you can sample some lovely local seafood. Due to the touristy nature of Nessebar, around peak times many of the central restaurants cater for the tourists, so if on your holiday to Nessebar you are looking for something more authentic it would probably be wise to escape the crowds to the east of Nessebar and find a quiet place.

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There is no reason why your holiday to Nessebar should be limited to the summer months. Nessebar holidays make the perfect break any time of year. So take advantage of and their amazing deals to book an unforgettable holiday to Nessebar.